Do you ever feel like there is more to life, to YOUR life, that you aren't getting? Some sort of disconnection once you have everything checked off your list? You have accomplished all your goals and still something is missing? 

 Coaching is the process of moving someone toward goal or action. It is a necessary tool in moving someone in the direction of living their potential. 

I have been working in the beauty industry off and on since 1996. I have worked many different facets of the industry from cosmetic and skincare sales to public relations for cosmetic and skincare companies. Now I currently do work as an aesthetician, balancing both work and family life. I found that working with the majority of women, that everyone has a need to be a little bit better. Women are constantly striving for optimum beauty and always fighting the hands of time. I have always found every one of my clients to be extremely beautiful. I see a much deeper beauty that is sometimes hard to uncover and see themselves. Speaking from my own personal experience, it is a beautiful thing when we can show our vulnerability in order to grow together as a whole. When we can trust and show weakness and grow from the experiences we have. Not everyone can show up as their best selves all the time, but we can have a plan and a strategy for the best. Coaching has really centered me and given me clarity and the ability to help women grow into finding their best selves, not perfect but beautifully imperfect exactly how they are supposed to be.